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Actionable HubSpot Audit

Ready to take the "pulse" of your Hubspot Portal? The Self-Audit will guide you thru the process.

What You'll Get From the Hubspot Portal Self-Audit

As a student, you'll get a few great benefits from being here:

  • Access exclusive content. We've designed the Hubspot Portal Self-Audit to inspire, instruct, and engage.

  • Meet new people. Your fellow students are as motivated as you are to master what we're exploring here in as we dig into the Hubspot Portal Self-Audit.

  • Get results. As you dive into the course content and meet the community here in the Hubspot Portal Self-Audit, you're on a path of mastery. While it's not necessarily easy, the transformation we'll get together matters.


Hubsessed- A Virtual HubSpot User Group

What are recommendations on strategies to align content with SEO?

Try starting with the SEO tool in HubSpot and building topic clusters. Then you can connect relevant blogs, articles, and more and see where you need to create more content. 

When a prospect fills out a form on my website is there a way to automatically assign it to one of my 3 sales reps?

In this case, you can use the if/then branches in a workflow to determine to whom to assign the lead to. 

If your company is international you can set up a field in your forms listing those companies. Then you can assign leads based on territories using the if/then branches in a workflow. 

I am about to begin a big content marketing strategy with video, resource pages, and more. It's a bit overwhelming, any tips?

The best place to begin is to understand your Ideal Customer Profile, your buyer personas, and how they are looking for your solution. Align your content to them. 

1.) Solidify your ICP / Buyer Personas

2.) Map out the journey of your audience, where does your content take them? 

3.) Map out content. From bottom of the funnel (general information) to the top of the funnel (buy).

4.) Have the right CTA's for your content and the stage of the journey they are on. 

Hubsessed | The Virtual HubSpot User Group

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